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Searching the LDAP Directory

Submitted by admin on Wed, 12/15/2004 - 11:41

Many times you need to look around in the LDAP directory in Luminis/Campus Pipeline. Here is a simple script that wraps ldapsearch.

# @(#)pdssearch pdssearch ldapsearch front-end
ldapsearch \
-h "`cpproperty`" \
-p "`cpproperty`" \
-D "`cpproperty pds.ldap.directory_manager.userid`" \
-w "`cpproperty pds.ldap.directory_manager.password`" \
-b "ou=people,,o=luminis" $@

On the topic of LDAP browsing, I have been struggling to find an LDAP client that I like.  I began with the java based LDAP Broswer/Editor  but it is fairly slow and crashed a lot.  Overall I wasn't happy.Then I found Softerra LDAP Brawser and Administrator  which are both very fast for browsing, but their editing abilities are a bit weak. (yes occasionally we make changes straight to the LDAP as scary as that might be)More recently I have found phpLDAPadmin which is a pretty cool product.  Being that it is web based and relatively fast, I'm happy.  It also allows very simple LDIF exports which can sometimes be quite helpful.Anyway, I'd be curious to hear if anyone else is using other LDAP clients and what their experiences have been.