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Luminis IV Upgrade Issues

Submitted by peter.aganyo on Tue, 02/10/2009 - 17:16

Hi there,

In LP III, we used the

     if (WebUtil.sessionOkay(request, response)) 

in jsp to check for a valid user session. But in LP IV we are getting an error to the effect:

      The method sessionOkay(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) is undefined for the type WebUtil

How would we check for a valid user session in LP IV?

In LP III, we used the following jsp

    	PersonManager_3 pm = (PersonManager_3) ManagerFactory.getManager( PersonManager_3.ID );
	Person_3 currentUser = pm.getCurrentPerson();
	username = currentUser.getUserId();

to get the user id of the user who is logged in. LP IV is throwing the following error:

      The method getUserId() is undefined for the type Person_3

What is the correct method to use for obtaining the user id? What are the other methods? Are getDisplayName(), getLastName(), getFirstName(), getExternalSystemIds() valid methods? How would we go about discovering which classes are defined in which JAR/CAR/WAR file and how do we determine what methods are defined?

Thank you.


Luminis Version:

To my knowledge, Sungard does not publish any api/class information like you'd be seeking.
That is one of the reason's I've tended to user uPortal classes versus sungards: it has some documentation.

Upper left hand corner of this site has jwheat's info on the iPerson object

You might consider working with that method.

Thanks for this useful info. Feel free to share with me any other tips you've discovered.

Thanks for adding the answer.

So often people just say "thanks we got it fixed."