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We are experiencing very slow response times from our LDAP.

Submitted by chamorga on Mon, 10/04/2010 - 13:19

We are experiencing very slow response times from our LDAP. It seems to be mostly affecting Course Studio and Live Event processing. I am removing old semesters and it helped some but it is slow, removes about 20-30 courses per hour.
I would also like to clean up the student database by removing students who have never logged in or have not logged in for more than two years. Does anyone have an easy method they would like to share? or a clue why this is so slow. SCT has not been able to help much at this point.


Luminis Version:

I also have been unable to find "nsslapd-threadnumber".
My nsslapd-cachesize: -1
nsslapd-cachememsize I am going to take from 10485760 to 100485760 (ten times as much.
nsslapd-dbcachesize is going to to 250000000 from 25000000 (also ten times as much)
I will let you know how things go after I restart tonight.

After looking some more I found multiple instances of nsslapd-cachememsize. 6 to be precise. I'm guessing each one should be upped by the same amount making it about 600 Megs for all 6 (at 100485760 per instance), or should I add the zero at the end? (104,857,600)? My largest id2entry.db3 is 1,060,000,000 bytes (user root).
Edit: I think will start by increasing the user root and pab entries, they are my two largets db's.
Going try taking user root to 500M +- and pab to 100M. Crossing my fingers, and toes and eyes...