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LP5 and jsvc

Submitted by bwalker on Fri, 01/28/2011 - 00:11


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I've noticed in our test install of LP5 that it is run as root.
No more using jsvc to run as non-root user on port 80.
Is this a good thing?

I think jsvc causes some of our problems currently in LP4: slow to start, sometimes won't shut down, but I could be wrong.

I'm currently having some problems with jsvc running Tomcat on port 80 (completely unrelated to LP5), and thought there might a connection.

Comments welcome.
Thanks, Bob

Luminis Version:

I don't think that is a good thing at all. It sounds like they couldn't figure out how to configure things properly and just gave up. I have manually installed LifeRay and uPortal in testing and had no problems with jsvc shutting down.

That brings up a question I have about LP5: can you install LP5 into your own "web container," or is it still an all or nothing install?

I am curious how your installation was done and what operating system. While LP5 must be installed as root, it can be run as an alternative user just like LP4. Even if it is run as the root user, it still uses JSVC (it just doesn't switch to another non-privileged user). To run as a non-root user, the install properties of "system.user" and "" must be set in your installation properties file. Then that user will be able to start and stop Luminis, and the primary processes will be run as that user. They will still need the root password to bind to priveleged ports if that is what was selected during installation.

Bob Smith

Thanks for the reply. Welcome to lumdev.
Maybe I spoke too soon. I hadn't gone under the hood in LP5 to look at things the way I have in LP4, and perhaps I misread the manual. It states:

2. Log in to the Luminis Platform server as the administrative user. (p. 42)
(followed by start/stop instructions)

I guess I took this to mean the server administrative user(ie root in unix) not the Luminis Platform administrative user. I mistakenly assumed that because it was starting as root, jsvc wasn't being used. Should have checked first.

Anyways, this sort-of answered by concern, and I will re-double my efforts to sort out my jsvc problem in my other application.
Thanks, Bob.
PS. LP5 installed on a spare Ubuntu workstation. Works fine.

"PS. LP5 installed on a spare Ubuntu workstation. Works fine."

Good to know. I would really love to move to Debian and away from RHEL. But what about setting up your own installation of Tomcat, etc.?

I'm not recommending Ubuntu. It's not supported, but it's cool that it works. It's all I had at the moment. I'll be playing with it some more, but it will not be for production, or even for a test server.

As regards to 'own installation of Tomcat'. Do you mean install LP5 in your own install of Tomcat? I don't think so....

I just did a test install of Luminis 5 64-bit using Debian 6 64 bit. It works fine.

OK - glad that's more clear now. It also looks like we could do a little word-smithing on the admin docs.


We had the same concerns when first installing a pre-GA beta. Subsequently, SGHE included instructions for install as non-root user in the LP50000IG document. We've done that way, all is well. Basically it's re mapping some default ports to above 1024.