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We are trying to decide how we want to let our users access the Banner Web-For products once Luminis is up and running. Would anyone be able to provide some insight into what was done or being thought about at their university? Do you still have a seperate Banner site that users can access, or is access only available via Luminis.

Thanks! - Christine

Hi Christine -

We have gone with using Luminis III.2 as the web gateway to Banner Self Service for students and all employees. While this helps to drive traffic to our portal package, there were a couple of issues that SCT has not implemented re: data integration/awareness between CP/Luminis and Banner when we went live in 2001 that generated outstanding RPE's :

  • Expiration of third party access pin - when we went live in 2001 with 'Web for Students' and Campus Pipeline 2, CP did not recognize the pin expiration flag. Since we decided to synchronize the two systems, that meant that users bypassed the password settings in CP. This was fixed in Banner 6 so users are now forced to change their default passwords when they first try to access Self Services features.
  • Usage Policy flag for Self Service - When we first brought up Self Service (this went live before CP did), our Student team implemented the usage policy flag to force web users to accept our computer/network usage policy. CP did not recognize the flag for this, and still doesn't recognize it . There are at least two RPE's currently still open on this issue, and I was very disappointed to see that Luminis III.2 did not rectify this issue

When we recently upgraded from Web Platform 3.2 to Luminis III.2, we created a custom channel pointing to the sct_body.thtml file and include this into custom student, faculty and employee tabs. Our users are still getting used to the new channel layout, and we've already seen instances where our less computer-savvy users don't realize they can scroll within a channel window :(

The only people who access the SCT provided login page for Self Service are our testing team members - we don't publicize this url to our employees or students.

Alice Kim
Lake Michigan College