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What do you think of the new LumDev Theme ?

Submitted by admin on Thu, 05/21/2009 - 07:50
Thumbs Up
57% (106 votes)
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17% (32 votes)
Don't Care
26% (49 votes)
Total votes: 187


I like it, looks good, but I must admit I don't like the hard width constraint, not just in this theme, but web-pages in general.

I can see much more content in a floating style of web page, such as the previous theme.

Keep the colours, lose the constraint.

LDN improved massively following the upgrade of Drupal.

However, the space aged black and the font sizes etc. made it very hard to read through the information. I had a holiday and when I came back email alerts were working, the style had been simplified and made (IMHO) much clearer.

Of course the WYSIWYG is tricky to use, but it is also tricky to switch back and forth between the editors.

At least the CAPTCHA allows you to get it wrong the first time, and then you just need to get it right and click Save


University of Leeds, UK

Looks good. Much easier than that last squished black one. More like the original.

I'd vote for it if I could, but appears voting is closed :-(