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Are you still using the iPerson object ?

Submitted by admin on Mon, 10/18/2010 - 10:55
82% (28 votes)
18% (6 votes)
Total votes: 34


The IPerson no longer holds quite as much useful things in it as Luminis 3 used to.

We do populate quite a lot of attributes via personDirectory.xml

Just cannot quite remember whether the IPerson is where this gets stashed, I suspect not.

If there was an easy way to aggregate everything we needed about a single user we would put it all into that object.

University of Leeds, UK

The personDirectory.xml file is the definition of what data gets collected into the iPerson object. Do you mean that you want an easier way to aggregate everything about a person besides using personDirectory?

I like personDirectory, but I think I have never quite adjusted from the Luminis 3 Bom Person3 object and how easy it was to get the primary LDAP attributes for a user compared to the Luminis 4 (or uPortal 2.5.x) difficulty of getting the primary LDAP attributes unless you put the ones you need in by yourself via personDirectory.

We are beginning to get a handle on using attributes (such as Role aka AccessGroups) and general personDirectory things in both channels and jsps but it still does not feel intuitive that Luminis no longer makes it easy to get at some information that it uses routinely (i.e. Display Name is used in the skin, and in the you have just logged out message). Why is it hard to get at Display Name unless you delve into internals or compromise and put it into the personDirectory? (Same is true for pdsLoginID)

Anyway, I guess you have told me that we are a "yes" we still use the IPerson extensively.

If there is a sense that this thread about getting attributes needs to be deeper, I will create a new post and move things over to there.

University of Leeds, UK