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When will your mobile app launch?

Submitted by ToddTrann on Fri, 02/18/2011 - 23:38
We have no plan for mobile apps yet
23% (9 votes)
2 years or more
5% (2 votes)
1 to 2 years
13% (5 votes)
6 months to 1 year
20% (8 votes)
3 - 6 months
15% (6 votes)
Under 3 months
13% (5 votes)
We already have
13% (5 votes)
Total votes: 40


We are looking into mobile apps, but it is unlikely that we will get as far as actually planning. That said, we might buy in or outsource (probably without the planning). Who the app is aimed at, or whether it is a fancy website that is client aware is a slightly different question.

So I think my initial reaction is :
We have no plan for mobile apps
+ 2 years or more
+ We already have

University of Leeds, UK

We've discussed mobile, but don't have any concrete plans yet. Our main web site and the portal seem to work OK with both Android and iPhone. The one thing that doesn't work well is email/calendar (Sun), but we plan on migrating to a new solution soon (Likely Gmail).

I can't imagine any students trying to register or do most of the portal functions on a mobile device. I'm assuming that maps, phone numbers, class locations, news, parking, and other things like that would be more useful. To that end, we have considered faking an app and having our main web site just present a page that looks like one.

I haven't seen any requests or pressure to develop an app for students or staff yet. Are you other schools getting requests for a mobile app?

We are getting requests or pressure, but not from our main user community. There is a sense of anticipation. If we do not have a mobile app (with no definition of what it ought to achieve) then we will get behind the times. Other institutions will then become the leaders.

Several students regularly use our Luminis from a mobile device. i.e. Android, Blackberry etc.

Some can use things okay, but some complain. Fairly normal really.

University of Leeds, UK

When you look at the schools that have rolled out mobile content (Stanford, FSU, ASU on down) - even if its just "Mobile Web" versions of the basics - its a win/win. Much less if they have the cool apps like Duke and Stanford.

The real question is what tool ?
We are in process to get SGHE's Mobile Connection, but Campus is determined to try and rollout something by Fall, whether drop/add or anything really useful is included or not.

On that note, see the educause brief this week about 3rd party apps, banner access and sghe contracts - yikes