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Submitted by psilwal on Wed, 04/29/2015 - 12:56

We are looking to setup a page for student having the students agree to a student conduct page each semester when logging into AggieAccess

Is there a way in Luminis to trigger a page during the login process (for students only)
and once they have agreed to the terms it does not appear again until the beginning of the next semester when they have to agree again to the terms?


Luminis Version:

This is very simple to do if you are using CAS (not BEIS CAS, but regular CAS) to login to luminis. In that case you can create a login filter which can check a database table or any repository where this acceptance information will be stored. If the user logging in has no entry in that store, the message will be displayed. If the user agrees to the terms, s/he will have an entry in the table and as such the message won't be displayed. The table can be customized to be term-specific so that this message will show up every term. Only after the user action will the user be allowed to proceed into luminis.

However, if you are using the native luminis login feature (using external auth EAS or otherwise), this may be difficult to do as you have no way of introducing an intermediary filter. Your only option in that case will be to show the message on the Home (landing) tab to all users based on an LDAP role which should be given to every user at the start of term. Once they accept the terms, you will have to run an ldapmodify to remove the role from the user's record (This can be done using jsp). The glitches are they will have to login again to see the message disappear (after acceptance) and there is no easy way to force them to see only the message (and nothing else).

You can interject custom code during the login process. You could try contacting some of the people in the above posts for advice. I see that some of the linked files didn't make it in the transfer from the old site though, like

Vikrams solution of adding a pdsRole="someRoleValue", then remove it after they click "I agree" would work nicely as well. You would need to work with your Banner people to define a custom role, then update the Luminis pds.roles.external configman value to be aware of that role.