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Luminis IV add action that utilizes some kind of "onOpen"

Submitted by fontnest on Tue, 09/22/2015 - 10:10

I have a request from our Institutional Effectiveness department to add a line to the "Welcome John Doe, you are currently logged in" display at the top of the Home tab in Luminis.

I don't have any idea where to hack into that operation that obviously grabs the User ID at login and brings in the name to display the message.

But even if I did, I'm not sure how I could "hitch a ride" on that process, connect to the banner database and find the Major/Concentration and add it to the displayed message.

I can and have created a TCC that grabs the logged-in ID and makes the connection to Banner to retrieve the Major and displays it, but the user has to click a link in the TCC to fire off the process. Our esteemed IE person really wants an automatic display, but I'm at a loss as to how to access what's essentially the javascript "onLoad" event when that can only be executed in the html "body" tag.

If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate suggestions, even if only so I can say I reached out to other Luminis folks and they had no ideas, either.


David Fontenot

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You should take a look at JSP programming and leveraging the Luminis iPerson object. Add in some JavaScript AJAX magic and you should definitely be able to accomplish your goals. I would recommend checking out some of the modern JS frameworks - jQuery is a personal favorite and AngularJS is another popular one but there are a lot of options.



Thanks for the suggestions. The jsp file that Luminis uses to capture the logged-in user is the one I have copied and renamed for various purposes when I need to send the captured ID to another process for whatever project I'm working on. Although I don't KNOW JSP programming, I was finally able to work that out some time ago and have used it several times. The stumbling block for me with this situation is that I can't wrap my head around that something has to "fire" off the events that bring about the desired result. That is, in fact what I do with the TCC I made, but I have a hyperlink in that channel the user has to click on.
Am I describing this in an understandable way? Nor sure.

Thanks just the same.


I understand what you're trying to accomplish and I may be able to clarify some of the suggestions that I made...

If you break down the behavior or functionality that you're looking for, the first thing you need is the ability for something to execute or 'fire off' when the page loads. JavaScript is perfect for accomplishing this goal and the implementation is fairly easy and straightforward when you use a framework like jQuery.

The next piece is pulling information about the current user...this information can be pulled from the user's portal session using the iPerson object. You can access the session and iPerson object from any JSP with the proper code and there are numerous examples on LDN.

So JavaScript detects that the page has rendered and executes an action.
The action is a asynchronous (AJAX) call to the JSP page that returns the user's name.
The JavaScript reads the content (their name) then updates the HTML on the rendered page to include the user's name.

You could drop the JavaScript in a TCC or you could add it to your nested-tables.xsl.
I hope that helps and doesn't muddy the waters too much.


We created a major channel. We execute the jsp using javascript inside a free form/html section of a TCC.

script type="text/javascript"
//unique value epochTime required to prevent caching of ajax call
var epochTime = new Date().getTime();
var majorUrl="/jsp/pcc/major.jsp?"+epochTime;
function loadMajor() {
function(majordata) {
div id="myMajorContainer"> /div

The above is jquery, not plain javascript.

My resolution to this was to (1.) Convince the folks desiring this that the greeting at the top would not be the best place for it because after the first login, that greeting section essentially becomes invisible to users. (2.) Utilize the channel constructor (Not the TCC manager, but the one accessed through the "Publish a new channel" link, and subsequently for future changes the "Modify a currently published channel" link in the Portal Admin list) to create an Inline Frame channel.
Upon login, the resident jsp page that captures the user ID sends the ID to a php script I have on my own web server. Aided by our local DBA, I created a query the script runs against banner on the User ID for the most recent Major and Area of Concentration (if applicable). This is necessary because Banner stores ALL majors for each person. The discovered Major is displayed, along with a brief form the user can fill out and submit if they have a question/issue with the displayed major. That mailbox is monitored by the Advising Department Mgr. and her designee.

I placed the channel as the first one in the far left column of the Home tab, above the Targeted Announcements so it will always be easily seen. I'll try to attach a screenshot.

Thanks to all who responded with suggestions.