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Populating Groups

Submitted by ricem on Fri, 11/09/2012 - 16:36

I am trying to find a way to automatically enroll users in a group; either based on information in Banner or based on roles (custom or otherwise). Does anyone have an easy method of doing this that they are willing to share?

I have looked at imported groups but that seems to require some intervention on the part of someone. What I am looking for is a method that can be scheduled and automatically add, and if necessary, remove users from groups.

I looked at the following, and the script/java seemed a reasonable solution but it is a very old post.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi Malcolm,

Depending on what you're trying to base the membership criteria on you could use a custom Banner role. You can use Banner data and some SQL to generate the role definition and then create the same role in your portal and add it as an externally (Banner) managed role (pds.roles.external?). Assuming everything you need is in Banner I would probably recommend this approach. I'm pretty sure the Ellucian documentation has more detailed information on how to set this up but it's fairly straight forward I think.


Thanks Tom.

What I want to do is create groups in the portal and, based on the custom role created in Banner, I would the person to automatically be enrolled into that group.

I have created a custom role for testing purposes and it works. But I cannot find a way to base group membership on a role. And, from what I can tell, it is not possible to enroll people in a group based on their role.



Is this a group studio group that you want to enroll users in? If that's the case then I misunderstood what you meant at first.
If you have a custom role defined for a subset of your population in Banner and you create a corresponding access group (role) within the portal that is set to be managed externally, you should have a 'group' of your users that is managed by Banner.

What's the end goal?



I have created the role in Banner and the access group in the portal. What I want to do is, when the user is assigned the role, that they are automatically enrolled in the group studio group and this group automatically display in the group studio activity channel.

I think I confused you with the term 'group' because after reading the documentation and this forum, it seems that group is used to describe many things in the portal.

ellucian has directed me to the tables which needs to be updated, if I use sql to do so, that will allow the groups to automatically appear in the group studio activity channel. I think I will use this method to enroll users in groups (group studio groups) also. Now my only issue is to identify the group number and equating that to the selection criteria of the user.