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Creating Luminis Bookmark

Submitted by newportal on Thu, 11/29/2012 - 20:09

Hi Everybody,

Taking over a position on this new college and they are using Luminis 4.x. version.

One of the requested task is to create a link/bookmark of the SSB Sitemap. I tried creating a simple javascript window.location and some script but unfortunately its being strip once save.

Any other way to bookmark certain pages/tabs, links with SSO as global so that all users can access it?

Appreciate any comments, suggestions or how-to's.


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Sorry I can't tell exactly what you're trying to do; is it:

- deep link into Luminis (ie: from outside Luminis, click a link, and it takes you to a specific tab in Luminis)


- deep link from Luminis to SSB (ie: from within Luminis, click a link, and it takes you to a specific menu in SSB)

or something else?


HI Todd,

Thanks for the reply.

We have this SSB menu that student and faculty access a lot specially the students. on the SSB menu (from the Luminis) I'm trying to get the LINK of the sitemap from SSB to be globally available at least for the faculty and Student.

Because of session and SSO, I'm having a hard time to grab the particular link and create a bookmark for it to be place in a channel which student and faculty can access it anytime.

The link will eliminate the 10 clicks or more just to get to a specific link i.e. Student Grades, Degree Evaluation and so forth.

I hope that helps...


My apologies for the late reply as I am still adjusting to the Luminis/Ellusian terminology and its system architecture.

Thanks Todd for the reply.

We do have that Banner SS tab in place. The Faculty/Student are just lazy to do clicks and dig deep to get what they want. They want everything to be in place for 'single' clicks only.