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connecting with other Universities who have completed or WIP upgrade to version 5 from version 3

Submitted by SusanBelanger on Tue, 09/24/2013 - 14:31

The intent of this blog is to hear how other upgrades have gone, particularly if the upgrade path is similar to what will need to be done here. Version 3.x to version 5.x.


Luminis Version:




Hi Susan,

Are you saying you are currently running a version 3 portal?
The migration utility from 4 -> 5 requires Luminis 4.3.0 which would mean you have a lot of patching to do before your data will even be evaluated for the 5 upgrade. I would highly recommend considering the 5 implementation as a fresh implementation if that is the case.


Agreed, a clean installation should be strongly preferred over a long migration path like that.

We are currently on Luminis 4, and even though the upgrade to 5 (migration) could be done, we're also going to be doing a clean installation.