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The Luminis Directory Structure

Submitted by admin on Fri, 07/15/2005 - 14:17


directory structure starts out with $CP_ROOT. This variable is defined
during your installation in the custom.conf file. For Luminis it is
typically /luminis (windows it is C:\luminis). From a prompt if you
type in cd $CP_ROOT you'll end up in /luminis Off of the root directory
you'll find the rest of the system (go figure).

contains commands such as startcp, patchcp, cpver and other commands
you'll use as an admin. This is the location I place my scripts such as
bounce, bw, bcpip, getusers and others. A list of custom scripts is at
the end of this book (Appendix A or something like that).

holds just a few files luminis uses for its configuration. Most of the
files for III.2+ have been moved into LDAP and you manipulate them with
configman (more on that later).

directory is great. If you create any free-form HTML or free-form Text
channels, the content that makes up those channels is stored here as a
flat file. Luminis pulls in that file when the channel is rendered.
Great eh?

No idea

Some jar files that help luminis live (infrastructure.jar / patchcp.jar...)

all important log directory. If you never look at anything else on the
file system, you should look here. As a matter of fact, if this is a
windows box, create a share for yourself so you can access this
directory from your machine. If its UNIX, create a samba share or
something so you can get here from your desk. You need to monitor these
logs. the CP.log file is the most important here as it contains a
running history of anything that goes wrong with your system. More on
the log files will be covered in the Log-files section.

$CP_ROOT/pkgmgrThis code tree is used for installation and expansion only.

holds files for the calendar, cygwin (on windows), LDAP, Message queue,
CPIP (if you have it configured), vim and the various web servers you
have installed. Other directories may show up here if you add products
later or expand your Cygwin installation.

$CP_ROOT/webappsThis is the heart of the system. Everything happens from this directory on.