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GCF Documentation

Submitted by admin on Mon, 09/18/2006 - 10:19

This project's purpose is to document the GCF connector framework from a developer's point of view. Due to the nature of GCF - no official documentation has been released so it is my goal to compile information ranging from the installation of GCF down the the writing of various connectors. LDN has been granted permission in the past to post connectors we have created so please feel free to post code, concepts, and how-tos regarding your connectors.

There are two ways to contribute to this project -

From the left Navigation block click :
Create Content | Book Page | Select GCF Documentation from the Parent dropdown

Or when reading this (or other pages in this series) click Add Child Page located under the page content.


Am I missing something? I too am very frustrated at the lack of specific how-to information, trying to build my own SSO for BlackBoard. Any help would be appreciated.

Is there anything in the GCF Documentation book yet?

I ask because the instructions indicate features that are not available to the ordinary user....
When I click on Create Content, the only options I have are:

1. forum topic

2. personal blog entry

3. story

So it looks like I cannot contribute to the book.

The other instructions (from Jon) say to click Add Child Page, but this is nowhere to be seen either.

Is this just me, or maybe the Gremlins are playing.


Has anyone responded to this posting? I am also at a loss as to how to view / contribute to the 'GCF Framework' 'Book'

When we took the GCF training class we were basically told (not a quote...totally paraphrasing here) the reason there is no documentation on the GCF is that by taking the class you have signed an NDA agreeing not to share what we've taught you.

Our instructor flatly told us this at the start of the class.

Has anyone experienced similar restrictions?

I should add, we have built some very indepth Luminis/GCF documentation in-house (in Drupal even) but I'm wary to share it given the rather ominous statements by our GCF instructor.

i don't remember signing a NDA but i do remember this same sort of speech and being under the assumption that i was not to redistribute any information i had learned through the class or even on my own discovery. i was in the gcf class a year or more ago (way before i needed or knew what i wanted to do with it) and therefore have lost alot of what we learned in the class. i have my notes but they aren't very good and not near as good as actual published documentation from SGHE would be ( i presume anyway). it sucks now because we have hired another person that i would like to become more familiar with GCF but without good clear documentation it is hard for me to "train" them.

i also don't necessarily believe that they don't provide documentation just because they don't want you to share it... rather, i believe that they just haven't taken the time to really put together good documentation for themselves much less for their customers. i know that they were at one time working on documentation and the author of said documentation was trying to get it approved and signed off so that he could distribute it to customers that had been through training. i'm not sure where that ever went...

i'm very interested in your information and especially the drupal stuff. i promise not to disclose it if you wanted to share :)

I had a call this past Wednesday with Joshua Horner and the current CPIP engineer and we discussed the GCF documentation. They are working on it. I have been told that they now have the engineer's time committed to the documentation and to expect it very shortly.

I think there has always been push back because it is so easy to use and create your own connectors, you don't need a service engagement. I think they have gotten away from that mentality by including it as part of the Luminis IV platform. I have been using it for over three years and been very verbal about telling others about it and helping others write their connectors. Sungard has never had an issue with that. In fact, they have referred clients to me for help.

I have seen the pre-release of the GCF documentation. At SUMMIT I was told that it would be coming out in the next few days...

Now a month later I don't believe it's released. I was not given a copy in case I shared it here :)

The guide is out on the udc now. You have to search for GCF implementation under documentation.