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Luminis 5.0.4 - Error starting servers (LDAP, etc.) back up after having to stop them.

Submitted by cmorris on Mon, 02/04/2013 - 16:58

I had to take my servers down for a 3rd party back up company to complete some changes. However, upon trying to restart my servers using the method provided by Ellucian (aka: sungard).....

Start up all platform components on a server in proper order with 'lpstart' command.

Or you can start a component by running the script:
. 10-ldap start
. 20-cas-webserver start
. 25-admin-webserver start
. 30-portal-webserver start

When using 'lpstart' on one tier that houses both the ldap and the admin webserver it shows the ldap starts successfully and then tries to start the admin webserver. After a long period of time it finally errors out with:

"Luminis startup:
ldap ............... started
admin webserver .... starting
Error: The LDAP server is not running. It must be started before this server can be started."

If I try to start everything the individual way I get:

"[lumadmin@LP5admin bin]$ 10-ldap start
Error: $CP_ROOT is not set.
rm: cannot remove `/opt/luminis/logs/rctmp.log': No such file or directory"

Note: Everything was being setup by Ellucian workers and when this happened before they fixed it and then showed me the start/stop procedure and it worked.
Now it is doing it again - any suggestions or advise?

I would contact them but I am trying to find the answer without it having to cost my employer - times are tough. I appreciate any and all help!

You can reach me at: to speak directly

Thank you!

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Are you certain that you're not installed as root? I know that our environment is installed in that manner (although we were installed quite a while ago).

"[lumadmin@LP5admin bin]$ 10-ldap start
Error: $CP_ROOT is not set.

Type this, minus the quotes " . /opt/luminis/.cprc" and then try 10-ldap start again to fix the $CP_ROOT issue.

If you aren't being prompted to enter a root password when you do lpstart, dustin is probably right, it was installed as root, so you must be root to start it up.