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Wayne State's Luminis mods/additions

Submitted by admin on Mon, 12/13/2004 - 14:38

As a continuation of my introduction post, here are some of the modifications/additions/integrations we have done to our Luminis portal. Some are meant to serve mainly as ideas for things you can do. I know our biggest problem wasn't coding changes..but thinking of worthwhile mods/services. I can provide code/direction for some of them so feel free to ask if you are interested. I will post what documentation I have shortly.

For the items that say "(you can see in our guest portal)" here is the access information.
user: wsuguest
pwd: warrior

Some of the pieces are working but it is mostly screenshots. I assure you there is a lot more code under the working version. It should give a good idea of what we are doing though.

I know I'll forget some things..but heres a list of some of the things we have done. Let me know which ones anyone is interested in and I'll try and write up some documentation. Again, some of these will be presented at SCT Summit in Hawaii so check it out if you are going to be there.

  • Tab Tracking - uses any weblog analyzer to show a log of which tabs are being clicked on
  • Link Tracking - same as above but for tracking individual links
  • Code/method to allow any page to open under the Luminis header. Makes it look like the "My Courses" or Self Service pages with the "Back to XXX tab" link at the top.
  • Ability to put SCT Self Services (Web-For) links anywhere in the portal. (Don't have to go through all the clicks through "Adminstrative Services")
  • Modifications to the top right icon bar. Add icons, change links, change icons (you can see in our guest portal)
  • Front end to TMS so users can submit .csv lists or paste in a list of ID's instead of a POPSEL to send a Targeted announcement.
  • CPIP "identify" connectors written in JSP, Coldfusion, and PHP with some security code built in. I'm not a security expert so I'd love some help with these.
  • Backup script that puts Luminis into hot-backup mode and makes filesystem and "command" backups using every possible export method I could find. I was sick of backing up one way and having Pipeline/SCT say that I really should have done it this way when we had to recover something. This script is addition to nightly incremental/Sunday full backups. Might be overkill but I've been bitten too many times before.
  • Flash-based "How to use channels" tour (you can see in our guest portal)
  • Mini content management system to allow identified units/users on campus put informational "snippets" into the center column of any of the major tabs. (you can see in our guest portal)
  • Workshop registration system for employee and student workshops, seminars, orientations, etc.


All of your mods sound great! I am particularly interested in the "Tab Tracking" and the "Link Tracking" pieces. It would be great if you can provide me with additional information on how you did it.



If it is not to much trouble, would you be willing to share the CF CPIP stuff with us? I think that would be of great help.

We run a content management system here called CommonSpot from Paperthin. With a coldfusion CPIP connector I could probably create SSO for our content mgrs.

Thank you so much and have a great day,

Gideon Sanstra

National-Louis University

We are just implementing Luminis III.2. I would love
to see this. We are trying to figure out the best way to implement targeted
announcements. Right now it looks like
Enrollment Services is going to create a pop cell and create the XML file. They will then send the file to me to enter the xml
using cptool. As you might can guess, I
am looking for a better way. (So the me
gets taken out of the equation)

Later I was considering writing some JSP where they could
put the file on the Luminis server and run the cptool command from the JSP, but
that is going to be much later. Any
other suggestions would be great.

By the way thanks for the site, I can see this site being a
major asset in or deployment and maintenance of Luminis.

Rodney Clark
Columbus State University

What product are you using to accomplish channel and tab tracking.  We are in the process of evaluating web analyzers.  Thanks.

Plymouth State University made this change as well:

  • Code/method to allow any page to open under the Luminis header. Makes
    it look like the "My Courses" or Self Service pages with the "Back to
    XXX tab" link at the top.

Simple to implement, very useful, and highly suggested.

Any chance you could post some details or filles about how you made some of these? I'm particularly interested in the tracking ones.

Thanks for the interest! I'm in the process of re-writing my code so it is readable and writing up the descriptions. I have the Coldfusion version of my Tab Tracking System (TTS) (as we call it) done and I will try and get the JSP version up soon. I will at least have the descriptions up of what we did and maybe that can point some of you in the right direction. Look for them in their own posts. Also, if you have any suggestions for me to make the code better or see any problems...feel free to let me know. I am not a master programmer and take criticism very well :)

Could you shed some light on this for me ?  I would like to accomplish this, but haven't even tried to yet.  Will this, for example, allow links cliked within say a web proxy channel, to be framed within the portal, instead of taking over the browser or opening a new window ?

Feel free to start a new story instead of replying.


Jonathan Wheat
Founder of the Luminis Developer's Network
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