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Anyone out there ?

Submitted by admin on Wed, 12/15/2004 - 16:41

So is anyone here using Campus Pipeline ?  I know the products (Luminis / UPortal / Campus Pipeline)  have somewhat merged into one, but I wasn't sure if it is still called Campus Pipeline or if this forum should go away.

thoughts ?


<disclaimer>The following is my personal opinion based on personal experience and observations over the past couple of years.  Nothing I say is "official," important, or relevent.  Please take what I say with an entire block of salt and then do your own research and investigation using as many sources as you can find and trust.</disclaimer>

From what I understand the Campus Pipeline Web Platform still lives.  It seems that Sungard/SCT is doing their best to get clients to migrate to Luminis for a few reasons:

  • To "kill" the "Web Platform" product line simplifying development and support;
  • Raise revenue from the sales and maintenance of Luminis;
  • Increase revenue via the MANY services they "offer" (read "either required by contract or by virtue that it would be virtually impossible to have a functional Luminis system without said services")

So, technically, I believe they offer two separate, yet closely-related, product lines:

  • Campus Pipeline Web Platform
  • Luminis Platform III
    • most recent version being III.2
    • Primarily different from Campus Pipeline Web Platform in that it has integrated the uPortal framework
    • URL:
    • different flavors--all of which are based on the Basic platform with each successive flavor having "value added"
      • Basic: uPortal, LDI, and the core Campus Pipeline technologies
      • Foundation: all of Basic plus Content Management (CMS) Starter Edition
      • Premier: all of Foundation with "upgrades" of both LDI and CMS to "Enterprise Edition"

So to answer your question, Jon... I think Campus Pipeline is a package that will be around for another year or two (until Sungard/SCT can get those clients to migrate to Luminis or jump ship to "partner" with another vendor).


Thanks for that post (love the disclaimer btw).  I was seeing a dozen or so messages posted to the CampusPipe/Tech lists, so I figured there were people using it.  Maybe the "L" in LDN is misleading and diverting CP users.  Nots sure.

I'll leave this forum and we'll see what happens with it.