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Argh - patches

Submitted by admin on Mon, 01/31/2005 - 10:48

So I'm my first casualty of a patch.  I stumbled upon Build 66 ( Answer ID-1014) and patched my system on Friday.  It broke some of my mods.  Actually the ones that it changed (that I've discovered) are changes to the nested-tables.xls file This one in particular -, I'm sure there are others too). 

I haven't looked to see if this file is simply replaced, or if just updates files within it (guessing the first), but beware

Here's a snip of the build fixes --

Known Issues with SCT Luminis Platform III.2

The following list identifies significant known issues with SCT Luminis Platform III.2.

  • A cumulative patch is now available to correct the following issues.
  • #22567 - Address book migration fails when an addressbook entry lacks the sn attribute.
  • #22575 - Migration fails if a user has two addressbook records with the same contact name.
  • #22620 - Hyperlinks to add "To:" and "From:" email addresses to addressbook are not working.
  • #22658 - Email.enabled = false no longer works in LP III.2.
  • #22757 - Slow load times opening targeted content channels (200 or more)
  • #22769 - Global Directory Search: last-name queries do not return any results.
  • #22752 - LPIII.2 migration: addressbook migration is time consuming.
  • #22808 - LPIII.2 migration import: TA_MESSAGE import failure.
  • #22810 - SCT Campus Pipeline 3.2 > Luminis Platform III.2 grouptools migration: GT_NEWS import failure.
  • #22811 - Fixes address book migration performance problem. All the delete operations on the old redundant addressbook entries in userRoot will not be performed automatically now. This will now have to be invoked separately using ./AddressBookMigratorLp32 delete when a cleanup of the old entries is needed.
  • #22665 - Targeted Content Channels no longer require valid XHTML and can be rendered using HTML (the original release of Platform III.2 enforced XHTML compliance)..
  • #22891 - Workflow SSO defect; added a new external system config parameter that enables an external system to recieve the PDS username and password during authentication. The parameter is returned in response to the GetConfigV2 request. It is UsePDSCredentials=true
  • #22696 - Fixes performance problem in channel administration, includes UI changes in the channel administration.
  • #22950 - Fixes message board data import problem, indicated by an INSERT statement conflicted with COLUMN FOREIGN KEY constraint. message.
  • #22871 - Channels can now be deleted from the layout by clicking the ‘X’ in the channel header bar.
  • #22689 - Auto-published CARs have wrong channel type – assigned “cpip web proxy” instead of “custom java”.
  • #22657 - References to the common stylesheets via xsl:include, xsl:import, and document() constructs fail if those resources are in CARs other than the one from which the referencing stylesheet was loaded.
  • #22766 - Disappearing subsection content in targeted channel when debugging is enabled.
  • #22990 - Windows Security Update breaks the ability to add images to content.
  • #23151 - System usage page takes an unduly long time to load.
  • #22901 - User layouts render incompletely (just channel titles) periodically under certain circumstances.
  • #23097 - Migration fails if a user has two address book records with the same contact name.
  • #23221 - Email client doesn't report a failed send in certain situations.
  • #23229 - Allows for display of shtml content as a channel.
  • #23334 - Security Vulnerability – SQL injection in group tools.
  • #22570 - Targeted Announcement delivery issue – under certain conditions, not all recipients receive message due to an erroneous optimization.
  • #23398 - Consolidated Course Announcements error – indicates message was deleted if read in one of the sub-courses.
  • #23397 - Error on the email channel if no subscribed folders are found.
  • #23476 - dbloader errors caused by a mismatch of columns in the new UP_VERSIONS table between data.xml and tables.xml.
  • #23015 - Various errors with apostrophes in username.
  • #23541 - Corrects issue with email.config.maxage
  • #23533 - Thread pile up due to failure to close DB connection – can cause webserver to hang under certain conditions.
  • #23600 - Potential webserver hang on multiple threads stuck on SCTExternalSystemV1.getAuthenticationService.
  • #23619 - Under certain conditions, deleting email shows incorrect message being deleted in UI but not on IMAP server.
  • #23763 - If WebCT is taken down, the LMB destination queue may become inactive
  • #23630 - Cannot view email attachment that have an apostrophe in the attachment name.