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.CAR parameters

Submitted by admin on Tue, 02/01/2005 - 16:55

When you configure a custom channel (and others) you can add custom parameters.

Does anyone know what the syntax is to read a channel parameter in a .car file ?

I have a new channel (My Groups) that lists the groups a user is in, then when you click on a group name, it loads it in the tabbed frameset.  In order to get this to work, you have to do this mod ( )

I think there also may be value in keeping groups in a popup window so the user can do 2 things at once.  When its in the frameset, and you click off, it looses your place within the group.

Anyway, I wanted to add a paramer called something like LINKTYPE and use POPUP or FRAME as the values.  Then other people can use the channel without needing to do the mod listed above.

Just curious how to fetch those in JAVA or XLS.

anyone ?


Passing parameters to a channel contained in a .car file is the same as with any channel. You use ChannelStaticData...
private String linkType = null;public void setStaticData(ChannelStaticData sd, String uid) { linkType = sd.getParameter("link type").trim();}
To get to the parameter in your stylesheet you can use the above method and then pass linkType using setStylesheetParameter. You could also create a config section and use the ChannelRuntimeData to access their preferences, but then you would have to make it persistent.

Are you going to post this "My Groups" car?  I actually had someone ask me for such a channel yesterday...

I downloaded it and it works, but not entirely. All the URLS were
linked absolutely to Clearly I shouldn't have pushed
you for it so soon ;) I modified it for my uses, but others should be