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Group tool database error

Submitted by villiam on Fri, 02/11/2005 - 11:37

Has anyone seen this error when attempting to access groups? If so do any of you know a solution?

System Error                                                                                             
Error allocating database connection,                                                                    
caused by: All resources are in use: GroupTools                                                          
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Please report the information on this page to your system administrator.                                 
System administrators should contact SCT technical support.

I contacted SCT and their response was:

Recently we have seen that increasing the pipeline.datasources.uPortalPooled.maxConnections parameter on the luminis side, and then also increasing the connection limits to 1000 on the database (if it is limited)side has helped with this issue.

Configman -g pipeline.datasources.uPortalPooled.maxConnections (will give the current settings)
The default is 50
Increase this to 500,
Configman -s pipeline.datasources.uPortalPooled.maxConnections 500

On the oracle side of things. As long as the ALTER PROFILE "DEFAULT" is set to LIMIT SESSIONS_PER_USER UNLIMITED, and the luminis instance is set to use the default profile, you should not have to change anything. I would recommend contacting oracle however to confirm this.

In talking with SCT setting the maxConnections to half of the connection limit in oracle is not a hard and fast rule. Just a configuration that they have found to work well.