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Unwrapped courses channel

Submitted by villiam on Mon, 03/14/2005 - 15:52

I have seen some schools offer their users a simplier method to access the course tool list. I realise it is just a matter of creating a framed tab or channel that references http://luminis/cp/school/schedule. The problem I am having is in creating a channel to hold this URL.

If I place the URL in an inline frame channel it works fine, however as I personally dislike multiple scroll bars on a screen at the same time I would like to use a different channel type to render this URL in. I am trying to use the web proxy channel (only other default channel type I can think of that would work nicely) however when I add the channel to my tab it is blank.

What are you using as a channel type for the course tool list?

Alas that did not do it for me, I must be missing an option or something.

I have:

Enable HTML Filter: on (I have tried with it both on and off)
Pass-through type: all
iPerson attributes: uid (I found with another page I had to pass at least one value)