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Luminis III.2 Performance on Windows 2000

Submitted by admin on Mon, 03/14/2005 - 16:46

Would anyone who is running Luminis III.2 on the Windows 2000 platform be willing to discuss your configuration with me? We have Luminis III.2 running on Windows 2000 and are having varying performance problems, sometimes the login page can take 30 seconds to load, browsing around in the Groups and Message boards can be very slow at times, and the email interface is slow at times. Sometimes everything is very fast as we would expect, but at others one or all of the above symptoms will start bogging the system down.

We recently made some progress and our system is performing better but in diagnosing/troubleshooting the problem we have noticed that our HTTP Request Duration statistics for the cp/ips servlet has very high, 200,000ms, longest delay's when we run the HTTP Request Duration Statistics on our box. We also see long maximum request delays on the eMail and MB channels.

I was wondering if any other users would mind emailing me a copy of their HTTP Request Duration statistics, the number of active sessions during the statistics gathering process and your hardware setup (i.e. speed/number of processors and RAM) so I can compare them to ours. Also, is anyone using SSL acceleration in their luminis server(s)? and if so what are you using?

Cory B. Goleman
Systems Engineer
Western Governors University

Have you gotten any emailed responses from other III.2 Win2k users?

We are looking to upgrade from Luminis III.1 to III.2 and are also running Win2k.  Did you migrate from III.1 or was III.2 a new installation from scratch?  We usually have about 1000-1800 users connected during an average weekday.  How many concurrent sessions do you have on average?  Have any other schools seen performance issues of this nature when running III.2 on Windows or this just an isolated incident?
Very Curious,

--Mike Baur
Harding University
MIS Programmer/Portal Administrator

Hi Mike,

I have had a few other admins email me regarding their Luminis configurations, but these were outside of LDN, in-fact before I know LDN existed.  Of the four replies I have received two have or are currently experiencing varying performance issues using Luminis III.2 on Win2k.  The other two indicated that their systems are humming along just fine, although one did initially have a performance issue that was resolved by disabling reverse DNS lookups on the web server.

Our typical load during the day is 400 to 450 concurrent sessions.  We migrated from CP3.1 to Luminis III.2, but we did not perform an upgrade, the Luminis install was from scratch on a new machine and the user accounts were populated by firing events off from the Banner DB to the Luminis box.

What is your hardware setup for your install?  We are currently using three HP Proliant DL360 G3 servers with 3Ghz Xeon Procs.  The Luminis box and the iPlanet messaging server are running on machines with a single proc and 4GB of RAM.  The DB server is Oracle 9i with dual procs and 4GB of RAM.  But, none of the servers appear to be even breaking a sweat, we think it is some configuration issue but the SCT folks so far haven't been able to pin point the problem and we have been having moderate to severe performance problems now since mid January. 

One note, all of our machines are dual homed.  We have an external nic on each box that sits on a network protected by a firewall that all outside traffic passes through and an internal nic connected to a private network that is used for intra-server communication and backups.

Any information that you or anyone else is willing to share regarding your configuration and any performance issues you have dealt with would be appreciated.

Cory B. Goleman
Systems Engineer
Western Governors University