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Fall through

Submitted by admin on Thu, 03/17/2005 - 17:05

Has anyone figured out how to implement fall through functionality ?

We're interested in its functionality, but want to play hevily with it before we call in the consultants to probably simply edit an XML file :)


We have it working in III.1 (production) but *everything* in the configuration changed when we upgraded our DEV box to III.2. I actually think we got it working but the person who did it is off today. I'll ask her when she gets back.

For III.1 we had to run a script provided by SCT and then add some lines to to allow for more than one auth source. We made the primary our enterprise LDAP and then the next source the internal PDS.  It looks like you can have as many auth sources as you want.  I don't have any documentation from was just trial and error.

We're using III.2.  I know that with III.2 the goes away, its all managed in the LDAP with 'configman'.  Same config lines, its just packed in LDAP with a little different syntax (drop the = when setting options).

Any ideas what the script did ?  Was that a one time run or does it get run often ?  I figured there was some magic settings to add new auth sources.

  Probably something like - security.ias.eas.multiple_sources=true <G>

I'll poke around the uPortal site(s) to see if this is an option with that app too.  Details may be posted somewhere in the wiki.

If she wants to post some details next week, that would be great ! I'm looking to try and make this work without a call to SCT.  Not trying to put them out of business or anything, but we spent all our money on Summit :)


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