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HyperContent 1.4 CMS

Submitted by admin on Wed, 03/23/2005 - 10:42

I saw a poll comment from bpowell about a CMS called HyperContent. I searched and found the site ( ) and figured it was worth a shot. I downloaded it, and started installing it. After reading the manual, it seems that it isn't what 'we' thought. [I've recently posted comments below about how this will be useful to Luminis Admins]

HyperContent is indeed a CMS, however, the reason Ja-Sig has it listed is because the actual administration is done via a uPortal channel. So users that manage content on say a department website (aka static site) can have the CMS Admin channel and can edit content via the portal. Users can not actually edit content that lives IN the portal.

I've pasted my install notes below in case anyone is interested in playing. It dies half way through the install because it wants to AutoPublish the channel, then do some Apache calls. We all know Apache has no place with Luminis so I'm not really sure what would have to be done to get this to work with Luminis. There is no .car file, the standard channel package for uPortal and Luminis, so I'm not sure how to get this channel configuration into Luminis. Everything else seems to install, at least by looking at the file system.

I'll keep playing around with it, and I'll post more info if I have time.
Here's my notes -
Download and extract to c:\LumTemp

Edit the file in the root of c:\LumTemp\HyperContent1_4

# Original

#Luminis Modification

Build.XML file edits - none

Run this command from a cygwin prompt in the c:\LumTemp directory

./ -buildfile HyperContent1_4/build.xml

or on windows

ant -buildfile HyperContent1_4\build.xml

It will create the necessary directories and copy and compile all the necessary files

The channel configuration is up for grabs, so the install really gets you no where.  I've posted a question to the HC forum asking what the channel config parameters are.


Here's the post back from the HyperContent forum.  I created a custom channel with this class and it works.

By: Alex Vigdor - alexvigdorProject Admin
RE: Channel Configuration  
2005-03-23 10:40
Hi Jon, 
HyperContent is a custom channel, whose classname is "edu.columbia.hypercontent.contentmanager.CContentManager". The auto-publish sets the channel timeout to one minute (60000), though I know some people have set it lower. No other parameters are required - just set up your categories and subscribe permissions as usual. 
You have to have some sort of web server to view any output from HyperContent 1.4 - this is changing in version 2.0, which can act as its own web server. You don't have to use Apache; the quick start install relies on Tomcat to do the web serving, but that's not a terribly robust solution. 

While waiting for the server to bounce, I've been thinking about whether this would be valuable or not.

I think it just may be a small step in the right direction for an easier to use CMS.  You figure, if you're using a 3rd party vendor's CMS, your 'managed' channels are most likely one of 4 types -

  • Targeted Content  of HTML Reference variety
  • InLine Frame
  • WebProxy
  • XML Transformation

All of these have one thing in common. The actual content lives outside of the portal.  All of these channels fetch the content from a file somewhere whether its local or on a remote server.

So, what if we use the HyperContent CMS to manage those external files ?  Hmm ?

I think I just might put a bit more effort into this to get it working.  As usual, I'll post my details.

Currently, after adding the CMS Admin channel, I get "You do not have access to any configured projects" which seems to be a backend configurational issue.


So to figure out what was wrong with my install I sat at a prompt and did a tail -f cp.log.

this popped up when I hit a tab with the CMS Admin channel on it -

[2005-03-23 16:56:25,734] [ERROR] WebServlet [com.pipeline.uportal.permissions.OwnedStoreManager]: No permission store found for uPortal owner 'CMS_PROJECT::/properties/hypercontent/Projects.xml'. Unable to translate bom permissions. A permissions store is generated automatically if applications register an IPermissible class for this owner with org.jasig.portal.channels.permissionsmanager.RDBMPermissibleRegistry. 

I posted to the author of the project and this was the response.

By: Alex Vigdor - alexvigdorProject Admin
RE: project respository location  
2005-03-23 17:14
It sounds like Luminis has its own backend for storing permissions that does not behave the same way as uPortal's default: the default implementation does not require pre-registry of permission owners, except for those that wish to be discoverable via the interactive Permissions Manager. HyperContent has many different permissions owners (one per project) that share a single IPermissible implementation, so you'll probably have to look for some way to register Project permission owners directly to the database. The place to do it would be in ProjectFactory; once a project is initialized, you can call its getPermissionsOwnerToken method to get the appropriate key. You would have to do this both in the initialization method that sets up the bootrstap project, and the regular factory method that initializes the rest. Good luck! 

I think the issue is, is that there is no database supporting the Luminis installation.  The uPortal QuickStart install uses the hsql database (??) implementation.  Looking back at the installation, I realized that there are RDBM errors.  So unless I can figure out how to get this to talk to Oracle, it isn't going to happen. It didn't sound like there as a simple configuration for another database.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Of course, if someone else out there wants to give it a shot, have at it.



When I first read the description of HyperContent,  I was hoping for something that would install fairly easily (some effort, but not what you've run into).  You've taken it a lot farther than I would have and I just wanted to thank you for your efforts and information sharing.  Keep up the good work.  Good site.

Thanks again,