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Luminis Developer Skill Set

Submitted by admin on Wed, 05/25/2005 - 14:26

We are in the process of writing a job description for a luminis developer. This person would be responsible for developing applications and content for the portal in a Solaris environment. This person would not be responsible for sys admin duties on the box, but may be responsible for applying upgrades & troubleshooting the luminis application itself.

What skill sets would prove the most useful in a luminis developer?

How many years of experience does it take to become proficient in those skills ?

Can the developer skills and upgrade/troubleshooting skills be combined into one person?


I've been working with Luminis for only 3 months now, so this is what I have found so far. 

Sounds like you are looking for a web application developer type.  This is basically what my job requirements are in a nutshell, so hopefully some of what I find useful will be of some help. 

Programming experience is a must and probably not specific to any language unless your development environment suits one specific flavor (I.e. Perl or Java, etc.  )   I have about 5 years of Java experience and have mostly worked on web applications.  So Javascripting and HTML is very handy as well.  I would strongly encourage Java skills, although some of the Perl folks will disagree ;)with me. I say this because Luminis is built in Java and you can write Channels using the resources provided by Luminis and Uportal and hopefully deploy right in the Luminis app server. It's not necessarily the number of years that gives the experience but the type of work.  Someone who has done a large web application development over an 8 month period may be better suited then someone who has dabbled in Java for 2 or 3 years.  Also a lot of Java developers have some Unix experience as well. 

XML experience is very helpful. Seems like a lot of info going into (and out of) Luminis is XML based.  Experience doesn't probably need to be extensive, but an understanding and someone who done some XML would be desirable.

A good foundation of SQL especially if you can find someone with SQL experience using your database.   A developer with good SQL Skills can generally switch between databases and adapt as needed, so the more experience someone can draw off there would help.  The amount of experience would also depend on what level of developer you are looking for.  Someone that needs little help with SQL tuning will require a couple of years of experience.  

To me, Upgrade screams the responsibility of the Admin.  The developer will need to test their Channels/webapps to make sure nothing breaks with the upgrade, but then again, you may find it advantageous to crosstrain the developer with your admin.  That is what I am doing with ours, and it really helps that our admin is savvy at programming as well. 

In summary (sorry about the lenghth),  XML, HTML, SQL and a programming language.

Not sure how big your school is, but in our environment I am also the sysadmin for the Luminis box.  So Solaris or Windows systems admin is useful.  Even if your person will not be directly responsible for the sys admin, these skills can be a great advantage here.  There are a fair share of things I do almost daily from command line.

A couple less tangible skills are patience and communication.  If your portal will be used as a real one stop shopping place with lots of SSO, this person will find themselves attending many meetings and discusing with all kinds of IT folks about what can and can't be done.  Communication is key here.  Patience comes in when the person needs to wait for competing priorities to make things possible in that environment.  Additionally, there are always delays when waiting for new features in new versions of Luminis.

We're about 10,000 students. We have been in production on iii.1 since last fall.
The roll out was successful, but we need to expand content to keep the momentum going. We did the implementation with the people we had, but realized this year that it really needs someone who can devote full time attention to it.