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uP_fname referencing

Submitted by webmonkey on Thu, 07/28/2005 - 17:07

Hi all,

In Luminis 3.III can you reference a channel by its functional name? It seems that it's possible in uPortal but I have not been able to replicate it. I would like to link to channels based on their functional name rather than their subscribe ID.

Has anyone done this? If you know how to do it could you PLEASE explain?

Thanks in advance.



We use the following link format in III.2:

http://"serveraddress"/tag.idempotent.render.userLayoutRootNode.uP?uP_sfname="functional name"

This results in the channel being displayed in "focus" mode. Hope this helps.



does anyone know if there's a list of these "?uP_xyz" functions ?

[ We're going to try adding this onto the channel list channel to provide a way of quickly viewing any channel - (problems ? - access rights / duplicate channels ?). What would be really nice is if there was a way to add a link so that the channel could be automatically added to a tab (at this stage any tab - but maybe later under user control). ]

(I have found but I'm not sure which version it applies to - or if it's correct !)


Thus far I have only been able to focus channels that are already in a layout. I'm going to try the method mentioned above.

up_fname will work in future versions.

This seems to work very well... Where was this infor 6 months ago :) This is going to change our architecture for sure. Think left nav in the portal. We can use our UVic drop downs and the Channel list channel to allow the user to look at the channels they have access to without going through the horribly un usable add to layout process.

Unfortunately we have alkready done all of our IA and are about to launch... I'm not sure we can slip this in at the last minute...

>http://"serveraddress"/tag.idempotent.render.userLayoutRootNode.uP?uP_sfname="functional name"

we're using this ok;

One Comment:
UP_CHANNEL_SUBSCRIBABLE is useful for filtering channels out that shouldn't be accessed this way.

One Question:
Is there a way to tell which channels should have be accessible via the sfname and which shouldn't ? - Maybe they all should ?


Does anyone know the format for III.3.3? The link offered that worked in III.2 does not appear to work on my III.3.3 system.

Found the problem, the link above did not have /cp/ at the start, added that in and it works now.

Have any of you been able to get this working as a popup rather then a focused channel?

The popup code is easy, however the current URL format will cause that popup to contain the main luminis page rather then something akin to the e-mail or groups popups.

hmmmm interesting... I wonder what has happend to the uPortal pop-out channel code... uPortal (at least current versions) lets you open any channel in a pop-up, I wonder if that code base is around in Luminis

Ahhh pain in the ass.... Can't post the code... You will have to find it yourself.

if you have a uPortal 1.3 install go to uPortal_2-1-5-quick-start\Tomcat_4-1-24\webapps\uPortal\stylesheets\org\jasig\portal\layout\tab-column\nested-tables\nested-tables.xsl

In the controls template there are all of the uPortal controls. Try the "Detatch" one. -{$baseIdempotentActionURL}?uP_detach_target={@ID}

The full js code is there.