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Submitted by ple on Tue, 02/21/2006 - 18:03

Does anybody know good web sites that support RSS version .9? I'm running Luminis V. 3.3. I'm having trouble creating RSS weather and traffic channels. Thanks.

I've had *some* RSS 2.0 feeds working properly, but some others don't render correctly (esp those with html formatting in the content).

Is this someting new with III.3?


We have a custom built RSS channel agregator that is very flexible. I would like to post it soon. Watch for my blog entry :)

Features include:

-Multiple RSS feeds per channel.
-Custom number of items displayed.
-Most RSS feed type support, including HTML in RSS2.0, and it uses HTMLtidy
-Database Caching
-Modes for allowing and disallowing users to input feeds or select pre determined feeds.

It's pretty fun. I just have to finish our QC process on it and I should be able to release it.

We were looking to buid just such a thing to process and scrub all RSS/ATOM feeds and make them Luminis friendly. I would love to see what you have done. You mentioned you would be posting something... let me know when you do. dmmcinto[AT]