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National Student Clearinghouse

Submitted by saki on Wed, 03/07/2007 - 15:11

Has anybody built a channel/CPIP connector to National Student Clearinghouse Self-Service site ?
Any ideas/suggestions/pointers will be greatly appreciated.



We are in the process of setting up the National Student Clearinghouse Self-Service site connector and were wondering if you figured it out. Please let me know information you may have.

Thank you

We haven't gotten far with the implementation. We did come across a PL/SQL driven, Banner based interface to NSC. You may contact your Client Services Coordinator at NSC and they will direct you to the appropriate contact for this solution.


Kevin, et. al.,

Has anyone done a Clearinghouse connection using Java? Their PL/SQL package makes an outbound web request that gets trapped by our firewall. We'd prefer to use our Java Application Servers to make this request, since it already has access through the firewall.


Hi Aaron,

did you write a custom java for Clearinghouse? or Clearinghouse provided you with the java code?

If you have the java code, may i have it?



The Clearinghouse provided us with Java code -- it was in their documentation.

I'll be happy to email it to you. What is your email address?


Hey Aaron,

I'd also be interested to see the java code from Clearinghouse.

I'm putting together the information for my iPerson channel and I'll post it up in a little bit. Its a few files so I want to make sure that it makes sense.


Hi Aaron,
I was wondering if I might also be able to get a copy of this code.

Thank You,
Bill Shew

wshew at framingham dot edu

I've developed a JSP that will connect to the National Student Clearinghouse. This JSP pulls the Student ID out of the iPerson data, so it doesn't have to be passed in on the URL or in post data, since passing the Student ID in the request could allow a student to craft a request to view another student's Clearinghouse data.

I'll be happy to share our solution with anyone interested.
You can email me here:



I'm having a problem posting my code here, so I'll email you the files. If anyone else would like them just let me know.


In order to post your code, you would need to create a new blog entry for yourself, and then upload as attachments to that entry. I also think it helps if you ZIP the attachments, so the spam filter doesn't see the content.


Hi Christine,
If you could share you're code with me, I'd really appreciate it.

Anthony Lower
alower at temple dot edu
Assistant Director
Computer Services
Temple University

We would like the channel as well. We have a php application which is not SSO to the National Clearinghouse.

We are interested in an SSO solution -> please send the code to