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Luminis Department Organization

Submitted by rhoward33 on Thu, 04/05/2007 - 11:03

Hello, everyone. I am new to Luminis, and I have been asked to serve as the technical lead for the Luminis implementation project at my university (North Carolina A&T). I have not been involved with a portal implementation before, so I am looking to learn all that I can.

1. Has anyone implemented Luminis as a hosted solution? If so, what type of staffing did this type of implementation require (in-house technical and functional staffing, consultants, Sungard staff, etc.)? What skill sets did the staff members have?

2. If you have implemented Luminis internally, what type of staffing was involved? What skill sets were necessary for those on the teams (both technical and functional teams)?

I was very glad to find out about this network of developers. When I was looking online for information about Luminis, I came across this website. I look forward to learning all I can (and making some contributions, once I have written a few channels of my own).