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how do I change the page title for luminis IV?

Submitted by sammy on Tue, 09/04/2007 - 21:43


how do I change the title from "SunGard Higher Education" to something else?

I thought it was this file:


but it doesn't seem to be.

- Sammy

Luminis Version:

There is a configman property called titleBar which doesn't work in Luminis IV.0.0.0 but apparently it is fixed in later builds. This allows you to set the page title.


We have IV.0.1.21 installed and the page title is still not set to the configman titleBar property once you're logged in.

Is anyone aware of any workarounds to display our own title instead of "Sungard Higher Education" as the page title?


If you are talking about the " - powered by SunGard SCT Inc." next to the title we edited the /webapps/luminis/jsp/portal/login.jsp and replaced the jsp dynamic replacement with static text. This appears to work.

It took me forever but I finally found this configman parameter that did the trick (so annoying to have "Sungard Higher Education" as the page title): you want the title to be)

-KC Allen
Santa Fe Community College

Sungard had actually filed that as a defect! Thank you for the perseverance!

- Bill

Is there any update this? How does one change the title bar on Luminis from "SunGard Higher Education" to something else?



Confirmed.  I just ran the command below to change the title tag on post-login pages:


Also, I found the "powered by SunGard Education" text in the login frameset file located at:


It has been my experience that the parameter works if you are viewing content on a the tab that was designed to be a traditional tab.  However, if you are using a framed tab (i.e., the tab's content is the content of a URL that was specified when the tab was created), the title is "SunGard Higher Education".  Has anyone else seen this?  Any suggestions?


Unfortunately looking at our wiki of notes, I cannot find a special step that does this.

I thought that it would be in CHeader.xsl, but now suspect nested-tables.xsl

I can email you with some files or a pdf of our notes if that would help.

University of Leeds, UK

If you figure out how to change the framed tabs title, please post the answer. It's on my list to look at but I didn't make any progress the last time I looked at it.

I have looked back through our live files, and the references to <title> are all in nested-tables.xsl

There are three variants (in our nested-tables.xsl)


all use $frameTitle


uses $ (this is probably the one that has the problem)


uses $frameTitle, but also has a conditional /layout/@dlm:fragmentName

We use a custom that specifies the exact text used by tabbedFrameset.

I have popped more things in the email for those that requested it.

University of Leeds, UK

From my `${CP_ROOT}/webapps/luminis/` directory:

$ grep -lr "SunGard Higher Education" *

Those are all of the files that have the string present in my installation. If I grep through the output of `configman -g *` I get no result. So I imagine that what you are looking for is in one of those properties files.


But, this still leaves the "Powered by..." on the login page.

Just had the need to determine title based on the skin, so that
most users of our portal see

University of Leeds

but Applicant users see

University of Leeds Applicant Portal

I found re-reading this thread very helpful, and confirmed that adding logic
into nested-tables.xsl was not a very good way to tackle it (certainly not in
time for a tight deadline).

our Applicant skin includes a custom js (arctcc.js)

So I have just added a rule to the document.ready()

to say

jQuery(document).attr('title','Text as Described Above :-)');

We already have set

Hope this will help someone else.

University of Leeds, UK