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Luminis 4 and Shibboleth?

Submitted by ahoward on Thu, 11/06/2008 - 18:08

We have some interest on campus for providing students with access to Dreamspark, a site Microsoft has set up to allow students to download free software development tools. Dreamspark uses Shibboleth, a system for sharing user identity attributes to external systems.

Has anyone else started looking at using Luminis 4.1's Shibboleth as an identity provider for external systems like Dreamspark?

According to the CAS and Shibboleth Implementation Guide, Luminis 4.1 includes Shibboleth, but it isn't "certified" and Sungard won't warrant its implementation or documentation.

Luminis Version:

Fortunately for me, the Foundation for California Community Colleges worked out a deal with Microsoft for no-cost access to MSDN Academic Alliance to any CCC student enrolled in eligible classes.

Setting up the connection to the MSDN e-academy download site with a custom Self Service Banner page was a lot easier than figuring out Luminis and Shibboleth, and MSDN satisfies the faculty who were asking for Dreamspark.