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Luminis/Exchange Single Sign On

Submitted by admin on Thu, 11/01/2007 - 13:15

I'm sure this is not the first posting regarding this topic, but has anyone created single sign on between the Luminis Portal and Microsoft Exchange? We would like to click on the email icon, or create a channel, and have it log you directly into your email...more specifically, Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2003. We are going to be on Luminis IV very shortly as well.
I was assuming it would either be through a CPIP connector or a connection to the Active Directory.
Any ideas?

Luminis Version:

This is something that we will be looking at in a year or so as well, any information would be great!


We have Luminis 4 and I followed the MOWA docs in the lumadmin guide...still not working. The UDC can't figure out why either. I would be very interested and appreciative of any docs of someone who has it working successfully Marlena Brown (

What version of Exchange do you have? I think the current out-of-the-box- MOWA configuration is only supported with Exchange 2003; they're supossed to come out with a 2007 version soon.

Alice Kim

Jeff - Luminis readily supports MOWA as the standard e-mail MUA. The setup uses CPIP and the Generic Connector Framework's pickup.response method. On version 3 they have a special GCF license code that is used so you don't have to buy the GCF package. On version 4 GCF is included in the base system. We've had it working with V3 and V4 Luminis and on Exchange 2003 and 2007. I think it is fairly well documented within the Luminis manuals, but if you get to a place where it would help I'd be glad to send you the details of our setup. One thing to note is that the My E-mail Inbox channel does not work with MOWA. It can be set up using IMAP to work with Exchange, but we have not done that since we don't want to have to put the ID and password into Luminis for each acccount. We did try to present MOWA in an inline frame channel and I thought it worked fairly well. Others didn't like it, so we are sticking with the e-mail icon which opens MOWA in a separate window.

Thanks for the response and I knew some people had to be implementing this. We were able to do it before with Lotus Notes at La Salle University, but now I am trying to do this with Exchange. Any documentation that you are willing to share with me would be great ( If there is anything that I could help you out with, please let me know.

Any documentation that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. We have just recently implemented Luminis IV, and are now looking to integrate AD and Exchange. You can email (wbnoblitt at Thanks for your help.


MOWA SSO is described in the Luminis IV installation guide - it is buried under the 'Setting up e-mail' section under the 'Configuring other e-mail clients' subsection.

The easiest way to do this is if you've configured Luminis EAS to use Active Directory, then you can simply configure Luminis to push its LDAP credentials (which should match a user's A.D. credentials) for the OWA SSO. Otherwise, each user will get a PSS entry to capture their OWA login credentials.

   Alice Kim

Please send me the details of your set up. I went thru all the instructions on how to set up MOWA and it still does not work. I am able to get to it as an external email but not as the email default. Can I set that up through sys admin? I haved tried both the sys admin route and the xml route and the user does not have the MOWA email as its default. I need to have it SSO and that does not work even through the external email.
Linda Swartz

We have EAS (active directory) enabled on Luminis 4.0.2 (we will be upgrading to 4.1.1 soon). Does anyone have Exchange 2007 working with Luminis. If so any documentation you have would be appreciated - . Thanks