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Cognos channels

Submitted by julied on Wed, 11/18/2009 - 11:59

We are working on bringing up cognos and luminis. Right now we have a link to cognos that does a single sign on. Has anyone done anything more than this? I haven't been involved with the cognos training but I know that our VPs have this dream that they login and are presented with daily reports of their own personal interest on their first page in luminis or at most on a tab. They're not expecting to have to click on a link to login and then run the reports. Is this a dream or is this a possibility? Has anyone done any kind of channels with cognos? If yes, what kind of channels are they?

Luminis Version:

We have a working cognos connector and we are using the Activie Directory. If you need it, give me your email address and I will email the connector to you.

Kevin Luong

Hi Kevin,

Is it possible to share the GCF/Cognos connector to us? I'm currently looking on how to integrate Cognos into our Luminis 4.

If by any chance if you can share it here's my email address


Hello Kevin,

We are currently attempting to setup a pseudo SSO to Cognos as well. Having completed this yourself would you post / email some pointers / documentation as to how we might also accomplish this? We are currently trying the pickup response method, submitting to a "fake" cognos form with the logged in user's credentials and then redirecting the user to the particular report url. We are absolutely open switching to the remote pickup method using pickup.html / xml if that will work. I simply continue to get the error:
"External System Error"
CPIP Notification: They asynchronous CPIP message failed.

As this error is rather vanilla, I thought to check the log files:
(I have already set the log4j property = DEBUG, file, console)

I didn't find any information related to my failed attempts in either file.
So I am kinda stuck as I followed the instructions to the letter but am left with only a generic error.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. :)

My email is:

Add additional line in will give your more detail in the cp.log

it should be like this...

log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG, file, console

Hi Kevin

Can you send a copy of your GCF connector for Cognos to me as well? My email account is We're using Luminis V and active directory, do you think your connector will still work in our environment?

Thanks, Marian

[2011-02-03 11:17:05,726] [ERROR]( {http-80-Processor25} [cpip]: CPIP ERROR cognos Unsupported OID service
com.pipeline.gist.ExternalSystemException: Unsupported OID service
at com.pipeline.sdk.cpip.ExternalSystemV2.checkForError(
at com.pipeline.sdk.cpip.ExternalSystemV2.loginUser(
at com.pipeline.gist.ExternalSystemManagerImpl$LoginCall.secureExecute(
at Method)
at Method)
at campuspipeline.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ThreadPoolTask.execute(

Getting the above error once the, cognos.config and cognos.xml has been modified.

Any help will be supported.
We are using a different ldap for Cognos :

cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.createonlogin = 0
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.usePDSCredentials = false

We're using active directory for both luminis and cognos logins so we have
cognos.cpipconnector.getconfig.usePDSCredentials = true

Hopefully someone with experience setting up connectors for a different ldap will chime in.

Seems that VPs are interested in this as well.

We are working on an effort for doing "dashboard" kinds of things and hope to leverage cognos for this as well. Currently we are working on self developed channels for IT but hope to provide similar things where the output is related to from cognos. We are doing our portlet development on Luminis 5.

Lets keep in touch.