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How can I get Banner PINs for all roles into Luminis IV through LDIPerson Events?

Submitted by donnatn on Fri, 05/28/2010 - 16:34

Currently I am receiving person events in Luminis IV from Self Service Banner for account creation. The problem is that only the users with the STUDENT role are getting the PIN from SSB which enables the users to log into Luminis.

The APPLICANTS, etc get accounts in Luminis but no initial password.

Does anyone know how to set Luminis to receive PINS from SSB for ROLES that I want to be able to log in?



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Were you able to get this resolved? We are in the same situation and I too am in need of other roles needing a PIN and third party id created.

Yes, the role is there in Luminis.. Banner does not create a third party id for the role (prospects), just a banner id. Need to know how to generate the 3rd party id for the group of individual in the Prospect Role. I am able to have the prospect access Luminis with the 3rd party id and PIN W/o validating again our LDAP process . But without a third party id, it appears that Luminis will not allow icgorldi extract to be imported. I am new to banner. I am seeking a way to automatically create the 3rd party id and PIN for those roles that are not automatically included in the LDI processes.

I see what you're saying now, yes LDI events will be rejected if the id is null.
We have a custom integration job that populates the TPID from AD which sounds similar to what you need but I'm not familiar with the exact details of that script since it falls outside the portal and more in the Banner/AD integration side of things.


Please look into the manual for the ldi events in Banner that trigger an event to flow, the answers are there.. Applicants do not have a pin in Banner until a SGASTDN record is created, that is until they become a "Learner". NCC runs a GURTPAC every hour for general person records that have no pin, once a pin is created the ldiperson event fires and allows a PIN to flow.

Hi Donna -

There is an older SGHE FAQ (CMS-5553) on ActionLine, which does a good overview of how the PIN creation process is handled by Banner. It has an example of how to support custom PIN creation using the SPRIDEN table record insert transaction, but you can re-purpose their example to look at the SARADAP table referenced in the APPLICANT role query definition in INB's GORRSQL form to support Applicants having a SSB and TPID created for them when a new student application record is created.

Not officially supported by SGHE of course, and this does create the administrative issue of having to deal with purging/cleaning out the records for applicants that never commit to coming to the school. But if you're comfortable with writing/maintaining custom triggers and GTVSDAX entries this may work for you.

FYI - normally, you're not supposed to get LDIPERSON events created for users with only an APPLICANT role, as they theoretically should not have a TPID. Disabling the APPLICANT role in GORRSQL should prevent the APPLICANT role from being assigned & invalid LDIPERSON events from firing for users without a SSB PIN.


Did you ever get your issue resolved?

Is APPLICANT defined as an INTCOMP role in GOIRSQL? The roles that ICGORLDI and Banner event messaging use are defined in GOIRSQL.

Let us know if this helped.

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