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Luminis startup problems....15-admin-ds startup fails

Submitted by scarpozzi on Thu, 10/21/2010 - 15:18

Luminis startup problems....resource tier server.

This was working briefly in our development environment and then about 3 months into configuration it stopped working. We ended up renaming the startup file in the rc directory to pass it up.

Now, months later, our production environment is having the same symptom. I once, again renamed the startup file so Luminis will start.

The Luminis implementation we're running doesn't use Calendaring or's just a portal with SSO.

I'm trying to answer these questions:
What does the 15-admin-ds file do?
Is it something I need for any reason?
How can I troubleshoot its startup? startcp.log seems useless:

SunONE-WebServer-Enterprise/6.0SP3 B05/19/2004 05:54
failure: server exit: status 1 (Interrupted system call)

Luminis Version:

It starts the ldap admin server, so that you can connect to the ldap console. You most likely will never use it, and just for security reasons it is probably best to not have it start up until needed. So leaving it renamed is fine.

If you do need to use the ldap admin for some reason, it can be manually started $CP_ROOT/products/ds/start-admin and start-console. Running those by hand may also give you an error message that you can use to fix 15-admin-ds.

I started getting this problem also. I changed the ownership of the tmp directory (/opt/luminis/products/ds/admin-serv/tmp) to root and now it works.

I just encountered this issue. I changed ownership of the tmp directory to root first, and received another error, though also received "(success)" at the end. The admin-serv error log gave me "info ( 4545): successful server startup," followed by, "security ( 4545): Temporary directory /opt/luminis/products/ds/admin-serv/tmp (specified by the TempDir magnus.conf directive) is accessible to others. This is a potential security hole. Please change TempDir or modify the permissions of the directory and restart the server."

I returned ownership, removed permissions to Others on tmp dir, and the admin server started right up.