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hardware requirements for Lumini 5

Submitted by shiva on Thu, 10/28/2010 - 14:59


Hello All,
We at USD are beginning to plan for Luminis 5. As a part of the process i am taking the capacity planning and hardware planning for Luminis 5 for our environment. i was wondering if you guys could answer couple of my questions regarding that. If you have any documentation to support it, that would be fantastic.

Out current architecture is:
2 web servers
1 resource server
1 database server
Css load balancer (we are in the process of moving towards ace)

we use banner channels heavily and we have plenty of custom channels (deep links/views to ssb)

We use gcf/cpip connector pretty heavily as well (about 12-15 systems are connected via gcf/cpip)

We use CAS as well for our SSO connectors (atlesat 5-7 systems)

We use LMB for the message broker and webct for our LMS.

We have about 7500 active students and 2000 employees. We have a total of 59,000 total records in LDAP and we are planning on adding parents as well to the portal.

All our current servers are Sun V 440's with 16G memory with Solaris 10 on them.

We are planning on moving towards Linux OS (RHEL 5)

Now that i gave a brief overview of our existing hardware, could you give me a recommendation of what our requirement would be for LP 5.

Also during peak registration we might see 600-700 simultaneous logins but for the most part its 300-400 (if this helps)

I am looking for recommendation on:

- hardware requirements (servers, their memory, processor and harddisk capacity)
-OS requirements (to support RHEL 5)
- LP 5 requirements (to be able to support LP5)
- Parallel deployment and/or single box install.

Any thoughts? I searched for hardware requirements but coudln't find them. If you can direct me towards those - that will be good too.


Luminis Version:

Were you able to get any information from sungard support regarding hardware requirements. We are in the same boat wondering what we should set aside on our VM Servers for LP. Mainly looking at how much disk space to allocate to the Portal Tier Server, Admin Tier Server, and MySQL DB Server.

Has anyone been able to load test and/or estimate how resource intensive LP5 will be compared to Luminis IV?

My current 'gut feeling' is that LP5 seems lighter: cas, opends, liferay...but that is a complete guess.

We are considering using our existing LP IV hardware for LP5, as our current performance is excellent.