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Targeted Announcement API

Submitted by toneill on Thu, 02/03/2011 - 10:07


I have recently been looking at our current targeted announcement request process (on Luminis 4) and how we might be able to leverage the API to make things a little easier. I was wondering if the API is still used in LP 5 or is it using something different? We would like to move to Luminis 5 once we can so if the API is changed then we probably won't invest the resources now.


Johnson and Wales University

Luminis Version:

If this is current: FAQ#: 1-EEX8WN

Then there will be no Luminis specific SDK. Luminis 5 will use the Liferay SDK and standard jsr portlets.

from the faq:

"1. SDK availability – Liferay SDK, is it the community version, the Enterprise edition, or a Luminis SDK for portlet development?  If Liferay Enterprise or Luminis, are they available?  If Liferay Enterprise, is there a way to get this or are we expected to purchase separately? "

"Currently the 5.0 GA release supports java API for portlets and the Liferay SDK but not a Luminis Specific SDK
The current version of the Liferay Portal framework is 5.2.3 with the next version being the enterprise edition, we are currently in negotiation with Liferay around OEM licensing."

That's what I thought would be the case which means we'll more than likely commit our resources somewhere else rather than develop a custom solution that will go away when we move to the next release. Thanks a lot Jason!

Not only that but the TA-API in Luminis 3/4 was based on SOAP and any web services being built out for Luminis 5 would be RESTful in nature.