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Preparing for Luminis 5

Submitted by saki on Fri, 02/25/2011 - 18:13


We are currently on Luminis and geared towards upgrading to Luminis 5 in the foreseeable future. I understand that Luminis 5 is a major leap forward into the RIA/Web 2.0 world with technologies like Spring, Hibernate, Liferay, AJAX, Flex, JSR-286, REST et al. I was wondering how other schools have prepared/are preparing for this major upgrade.
Have you had any training on these technologies? Does SungardHE offer any such training ? We are still stuck in the pre-Web 2.0/RIA world and would like to be ready to fully leverage the exciting new technologies packaged with Luminis 5.

I would love to hear how other schools are gearing up for LP 5.


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