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Need to put the Luminis login on another website

Submitted by fizzycyst on Tue, 03/22/2011 - 07:01


A number of our users gain access to our luminis environment from our main website. Instead of a link to the main luminis login page we would prefer to put a login box on the screen that asks for username/password that then instigates the login process and drops the users into their liferay area.
We also need to ensure that any error message come back to this box rather than bring up the luminis screens.

What is the easiest way of doing this?

I have the liferay form that will allow this to work with basic liferay but it doesn't work with Luminis.

This isn't a single sign on question as the website has no authentication of its own, just a page of content that we want to add our liferay login to.

Thanks in advance..


Luminis Version:

When you attempt to use any service which is managed by CAS, you are redirected to the CAS server for login. Login to LP5 is actually at the CAS node and then you are redirected back to the requesting service authenticated and authorized. Unless you can embed the CAS login in the other site, I think you'll by necessity be re-directed to the CAS loginView.jsp