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Luminis restart

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I've got a PD-enabled Luminis 4 portal up and running now on Solaris zones. One question I want to ask is - how do you restart Solaris (our system admin is patching them which requires OS reboot)?

Has anybody got an idea how to make this OS reboot an automatic task (control the order zones are shutted down/booted up)? For example:
1) Shutdown the portal tier zones
2) Shutdown the resource tier zone
3) Shutdown the database server zone

Then start them up in the reverse order.

I've got scripts set so that Luminis can shutdown/startup during OS shutdown/startup. But it seems there are problems if I do "zoneadm -z zone1 reboot". After this kind of reboot, Luminis cannot be started up properly. "init 6" seems to work.


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Look into setting up SSH keys to allow you to execute commands on your portal-tier servers from the resource-tier server. It makes for 1 central location to execute cron jobs and makes timesync less of an issue.

You shouldn't have to restart a server to update it. Typically, it's only when you have a kernel update that it requires a reboot. I always want to be present for those because many 3rd-party system-level utilities are kernel specific. EMC PowerPath & VMware Tools are the big ones....but I'm sure there are others.

If you're able to restart the servers without a problem and feel brave enough, just run your updates,shutdown luminis, pick a time (3am) to reboot, and execute startup at a time when you think all systems will be back up. Just hope you don't hit any kernel snags or get stuck waiting on file system processes to complete during startup.

We've used the SSH keys to stop/start/restart 10 portal tiers from our resource tier. It also makes it easier to move files around for patching and merging of log files for log file analysis.

David McMillan
The University of Alabama

Hi Is it possible you could share how you have created a script to shutdown all luminis tiers from one tier i.e. the resource tier please?