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Handling a mulitpart form in a JSR-168 portlet on Luminis IV

Submitted by tlynema on Fri, 07/01/2011 - 11:28

I've followed another post on how to do uploads in a JSR-168 portal and have it working _successfully_ in uPortal (which Luminis 4 is based on, right?).

When the portlet is deployed to Luminis 4 everything except the file upload works correctly.

The application has other forms in the portlet that work fine. What seems to be the difference is that this form has a multipart/form-data enctype attached to it.

Upon submission the application sees all of the values as non-existent. They just disappear.

The system I'm testing on is running Luminis .

Is there a system configuration that is missing that prevents multipart/form-data submissions?



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