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Luminis Platform 5.0.2 Now Available.

Submitted by jhorner on Fri, 07/15/2011 - 19:18


Dear Luminis Platform Customers,

We are pleased to announce the release of Luminis Platform 5.0.2. Luminis Platform 5.0.2 is the second point release for LP 5 and is now available for download via the Customer Support Center.

Features included in this release are:
• Targeted Content Application - Comparable to the Targeted Content Channel feature in previous versions, the Targeted Content application offers another powerful tool to create, personalize, publish, and manage content of all types. The Targeted Content application presents role-based section/sub-section creation and publication and offers a multi-faceted tool for users to receive and manage their content.
• Learning Management System Enhancements - Provides single sign-on to the Blackboard and Moodle external learning management systems (LMS). This feature offers step-by-step configuration and an easy-to-use interface in the My Courses portlet for faculty and teaching assistants to configure single sign-on to LMS home/course homepages.
• Multi-Page Scroll Bar Enhancement - New scroll function to ease site navigation and interaction with multiple pages.
• Hardware Document - The Luminis Platform Hardware Sizing and Environment Configuration Guide provides information to support sizing and configuring of the hardware used to host the portal. This document is downloadable from the Customer Support Site.
• User Experience Design (UXD) Refinements - The following portlets have undergone user experience design work in 5.0.2:
- Web Logs
- External Services Configuration
- Calendar Portlet
- My Courses
- Create Community Portlet
• Ongoing Performance Tuning
- Simultaneous Login Filters
- Defensive Portlets
- Session Counting/Limiting
• Ongoing Defect Fixes

Please note that while 5.0, 5.0.1, and 5.0.2 deliver enhancements above and beyond previous releases, there are a few remaining features found in LP 4.x that have not been incorporated into LP 5. Examples include GCF, multi-entity institution support, Windows/SQL Server support, and Banner Relationship Management integration.

Incremental releases will be delivered in support of adding features and functionality. Planned features and timing information can be found in the Luminis Platform roadmap published on Commons and the Customer Support Site.

Migration Update:
The migration code is in beta and being tested against production data sets with select partners. The LP 5 migration deliverable is intended to be a self-guided, simple to use set of tools for Luminis Platform customers. While we are nearing completion of the migration code as well as the beta field tests, we do not feel we have reached satisfactory levels of success or quality to release migration just yet.

It’s understood that there are a number of customers eager to get their hands on the migration code. The good news is that you can. In addition to the migration beta partners, we are looking for up to 10 additional customers who wish to participate in the migration beta runs. The LP 4.x data analyzer and migration code is available for beta testing today and the details of the program will be made available upon request.

5.0.2 Release Download Instructions:
The Luminis Platform 5.0.2 software, release notes, patch manifest, and other materials are available in the Documentation and Download area of the Customer Support Center. To access the release and product materials:

• Log in to the Customer Support Center:
• Click on the "Documentation & Download Center" link.
• Select the "Software Downloads" tab for the 5.0.2 software or the “Documentation” tab for the 5.0.2 documentation.
• Select Luminis-Platform in the Select Product box, then List Product Versions (or List Available Documentation for documentation).
• Select the check box for 5.0.2 to view available files.

Joshua Horner, Product Management, SunGard Higher Education,

Luminis Version:

We're upgrading to 5 in November, would like to remove older term data from the database. It's grown to an astronomical size, over two terabytes. Was thinking of exporting from the database everything prior to 2008 based on termcode values.

Has anyone had to do something similar?

Since it's not in any of the documentation yet, I just want to warn people who are upgrading from 5.0.0 or 5.0.1 and have changed their database or their database password since Luminis install: the 5.0.2 patch WILL break (and potentially make your install unrecoverable) unless you follow FAQs 1-YED8L4 and 1-YED8L6. These are not included in the hotfix.

And remember fellow LP5 early adopters, virtualization is your friend.