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Response to Luminis Platform posting

Submitted by jhorner on Tue, 09/06/2011 - 19:26


As you know, we don’t typically post on lumdev out of respect for the independence of this strong community. But I think it is appropriate today given the mystery LP5 message that has been anonymously posted here and is being emailed independently to clients. Thanks for sharing your thoughts around the message and asking us to respond.

I won’t hazard a guess about the motivation for or true origin of this FUD message. However, given that it resurfaced last week, we want to be clear that it is misinformation and we want to set the record straight. This topic is addressed in the Luminis Community on the Commons at If you care to, please join that conversation and send any questions my way.

It is important to me and all of us at SunGard HE that you continually have accurate information about our solutions and that we protect your trust and our relationship. As always, please feel free to call your CRM or any of us with further questions. Thanks!

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