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Luminis 5 LDAP browsing

Submitted by bwalker on Thu, 11/03/2011 - 13:37


Can someone please tell me what the connection parameters would be to connect to the Luminis 5 LDAP with an LDAP browser such as Apache Directory Studio or LBE.

Previously with Sun LDAP on LP4, I would use cn=Directory Manager as the bind DN.

Thanks, Bob

Luminis Version:

It's whatever these values were in

If you didn't specify those, they default to cn=Directory Manager and cp.admin. I think that cp.admin is your luminis admin account password. I'm not sure though, I always set each admin account (ldap, oracle, web, etc..) to use a different pass.

Then the Base DN is o=cp or for configuration cn=config.

Thanks, you're right.
I figured that the dn would be cn=Directory Manager, but I would never have guessed the default password. I was trying the LP5 admin password.

I must have missed that in the docs, as well as missing those entries in the setup file. This was about my fourth test install, so I may think I know what I'm doing, but actually don't. I'll remember these entries for the real thing.

So, for the record, the default LDAP password for cn=Directory Manager is 'cp.admin'


Check the default password carefully in the documentation. Caught me out for a while as I thought it was a typo and I was looking for the parameter $cp.admin

cn does indeed = Directory Manager