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Submitted by ramsayb on Mon, 11/28/2011 - 17:25


Silly me. Somehow when we downloaded the 5.0.3 docs we did not pick up the new GCF Guide. I'd better read that first and then see if I have any questions...

Anyone tried the Luminis 5.0.3 GCF functions released last week? Anyone know the url syntax for launching a target system via GCF on LP5? Where is the documentation? The 5.0.3 Admin Guide does not reference GCF. The 5.0.3 release notes describe how to enable GCF and import connectors but has no reference to url syntax.. We were told in the admin training course that the url syntax was going to be different from LP4 but I did not write down the details. I have submitted a service request to SunGard on this.

Luminis Version:

We now have most of our GCF connectors working on our test LUM5 instance. We hope to replace some of them with CAS. We would be glad for collaborators.


I looking for working examples of GCF Connectors with Luminis 5 and Blackboard 8, ¿Can you help me with a configuration files examples?

Thanks a lot

Gustavo Morales Carpio
Universidad del Norte
Barranquilla Colombia

To access a gcf page use
<server:port>/luminis/gcf/<my gcf name>/authenticate

optionally you can add ?url=<encoded landing point> to specify the landing page.

One issue we have come across is that if you have 2 gcf channels on the same page using the same gcf with different landing points, they will both go to the same landing point.

Thanks for the collaboration. Is it possible that neither landing point specification is working and the connector is just sending to the default url? In LP4 there was a glitch with the url parameter name we had to work around. Basically it was looking for a different parameter name so it was ignoring what we specified. I would hope that was cleaned up with the transition to LP5, though.

I don't believe that is the case. It selects one of the 2 used and uses it in both. Neither of the 2 used are the default landing point. Haven't figured out if there is any pattern to which of the 2 it picks up.

Does anyone know of a way to set/maintain GCF passwords. We have GCFs setup that we load passwords for at account creation time that the user never knows. So what I'm looking for is the equivalent functionality of the
cptool set user myuser ExternalAccount="mygcf|username|password"
command in LP4