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Gmail SSO

Submitted by achu on Thu, 12/15/2011 - 17:27

We switched to Gmail as the e-mail service for Luminis (we use SunGard's Google Adapter) for about 1.5 years now. However, there is a random issue that we cannot really find the root cause.

By clicking on the E-mail icon in Luminis, users with Student role (no Employee or Faculty) will be SSO to Gmail, Employee and Faculty users (even they have Student role) will be redirected to OWA login page and they have to login on their own, no SSO for them.

The random issue is that sometimes when Employee or Faculty user click on the E-mail icon, Luminis tries to SSO them to Gmail instead of redirecting them to the OWA login page. Yet sometimes students will be redirected to the OWA login page instead of SSO them to Gmail. The issue fixes itself when the users try again.

SunGard said that I will need to enable the debug logging mode and reproduce the issue so that the issue will be logged on the cp.log. For this, we are unable to log this issue because users don't call us immediately when the issue happens. And then the issue fixes itself in only a couple of seconds, so there is only a slim chance that we can capture the issue in the cp.log.

Does anyone have the same issue and wat is your solution?


Luminis Version:

Hi Arion,

We have the same situation as yours where students access Gmail and employees access OWA. As such, instead of having one icon for both roles, we have developed two icons, one for OWA and one for Gmail and display them dependent on their Luminis role. We do this as some individuals are admins and require access to both Gmail and OWA.

We followed the Sungard provided information regarding the file in order to set this up. Hopefully a search on their support site for that file can point you in the right direction.


We do the same thing: use two different role based icons. One for student gmail, and one for employee/faculty 'old email'.

However, we still have Arion's problem occur. Occasionally an employee will be presented with the Gmail icon, and occasionally students are presented with the 'old email' icon.

I haven't explored how to fix this yet.

Yeah, I forgot to mention, we also get the occasional incorrect icon appearing for a particular user. We thought it was the logic for the MultipleIconEvaluator file but we could not discover any issues regarding it. We just file it as an anomaly.


Is your custom MultipleIconEvaluator class using the ExtensionClass?
If so it has an issue with caching that can cause the wrong icon to show which sounds like it could potentially be your issue. For more information and details see SunGard FAQ 1-2KMFH6.