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Database configuration files

Submitted by ajohn on Tue, 01/10/2012 - 15:09


We are making changes to our database server and in or to keep the service up we want to change that database that is currently being used. Is there a way to do this using configuration files? I can't seem to find where these files would be located. Any help would be appreciated.



Luminis Version:

If you are running on solaris:

find $CP_ROOT -type d \( -name excludedDirectoryA -o -name excludedDirectoryB \) -prune -o -print |xargs grep -i databaseServerName 2>/dev/null

Shows me one file: $CP_ROOT/webapps/luminis/WEB-INF/uPortal/properties/

configman -x configman.txt
grep databaseServerName configman.txt

Shows a few configman entries:

I've never switched DB's before, so I'm unsure if the above represents everything you need to change.

I am doing it all the time lately. We are converting all our databases to 11g so I am having to continuously re-point our system to different Luminis and Banner databases for testing. There is a bit more to set than just the database name: you also have to change the host, port and url settings and possibly the DB ids or passwords too.

SunGard has a document on it for Luminis 4 systems. FAQ#: 1-3JN4WY

What I change just for Luminis db change with no DB id or password changes is as follows:

uPortal database settings stored in $CP_WEBINF/uPortal/properties/

Configman settings:

# uPortal database settings

# Targeted Announcements and Grouptools are defined by the following settings:

# Shibboleth DB-related settings:


Our environment is:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (Nahant Update 9)
Luminis Platform

I changed it in all those locations and then did a startcp but it seems to be stuck at webserver .......... waiting for 'cp' tomcat web server startup which log files would show me what the problem. Thanks for the info I am a newbie at luminis. Still ramping up the learning curve.

$CP_ROOT/products/tomcat/tomcat-cp/logs/catalina.out and catalina.err

Make sure that the server can see the DB. Do a 'telnet dbserver 1521' (or whatever your DB port is) and see if it connects.

Just thought I would add some more information to this post so that it might help some else out. Another place look at might be the LDAP as in our case that was also pointing to the database. In order to check that you need to run the following command:
./db2ldif -s "o=luminis configuration" -a ~/diff

Check the diff file to make sure there is not references to the database.