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LP ldap error for replication

Submitted by indysoft on Tue, 01/31/2012 - 09:17

We are getting following error during ldap replication from Redhat 4.x to Redhat 5.7 conversion on 32 bit Luminis. The installation went well, but Luminis replication script cannot transfer the policy. Any lead/ solution will be appreciated.

INFO: starting directory server...
INFO: executing modifications to restored directory entries...
ldap_modify: No such object
ldap_modify: matched: ou=grants,ou=authzpolicy,,o=cp
replicator encountered an error: operation ImportPds encountered an error

ERROR: replicator has reached error limit of: 1 error(s)
ERROR: replicator is terminating.
ERROR: Error limit can be configured by modifying the property:
ERROR: migration.error.threshold
#### 1 Errors
#### 0 Warnings


Luminis Version: