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Luminis & Wordpress

Submitted by Jeepgirlnj on Wed, 02/01/2012 - 09:18


Has anyone used wordpress to manage content in the portal? We would like to hear any expieriences with doing it this way, since worpress is the content managment system for our University website.

Luminis Version:

We will be converting our public web site into a Wordpress CMS environment over the next few months. We are working on LP5 hoping to go live during summer. We plan to manage LP5 Targeted Content Blocks by referencing external HTML from the Wordpress store. We are glad for any interaction with others involved in similar approaches.

I'm curious about this also. We are planning on going to LP5 after the migration code has stabilized.

However, I haven't played with the Liferay built in CMS functions. Have you folks that are interested in using Word Press decided that the Liferay CMS functions aren't adequate?

We've been doing this with Luminis 4 for a while. We use a very scaled down theme for the pages we pull into Luminis. It works well.

One problem, though -- if your Luminis is behind SSL (https) and your generated WordPress pages are not, you might end up with mixed content warning messages in web browsers because of the images. There are ways around this, including some WP plugins that ensure that your pages and content are served via https.

We aren't live with our solution yet, but here is what we've decided on for now.

We created a custom post type that offers the Wordpress editor and a couple custom fields to help with how the custom template in our main theme will display the content. The template used does a couple of checks to make sure the request is coming from the Luminis server and displays the content accordingly. This custom template is applied automatically to all pages created using the custom post type.

We then have Luminis request and serve the content via Remote HTML Reference in a Targeted Channel. This has a couple advantages: 1) all content appears native to the portal source (meaning it is not requested client-side) and there should be no "mixed-content" warnings, 2) multiple posts/pages from Wordpress can be targeted in a single channel using sub-sections in the Targeted Content Channel Manager.

One of our custom fields in Wordpress determines if the content is meant to be displayed directly in a channel or linked to from a channel and displayed in a "Linked Frame." This allows the content editors to create the channel content and then link to an "intranet" of sorts for more content on a full size page (that has added styling via the custom Wordpress template, as well as checks to make sure the user is in the portal).

Remember, we aren't quite live with it yet and if anyone sees any issues, please let me know. If you'd like more information on this setup, just ask.

Glad to see that we are all in the same boat! I will begin to play with content soon so I will follow up with any concerns or successes I have.